The Confound Operating System is built with the XUbuntu Linux Kernel. It was developed to be a speedy, convenient, and all-in-one type of Desktop. There is built in Virus Protection much like that of Chromebook. Android is built into the x64 model and Androbox Emulator and VirtualBox Options. There are dozens of Android Apps included for easy movie streaming and other convenient media applications. The Kodi Media Center comes fully loaded with The Kodi No Limits Build preinstalled so you can get your favorite Movies, TV Shows, and Live Channels… The Goal was to have the most well rounded, efficient, entertaining, simple and speedy OS Available.

Confound OS Features

Default Search Engine – DuckDuckGo as Default Search Engine to prevent Web Tracking
A Website & Web Server Pre-Installed -Completely Configured Web Server Ready to Go With WordPress Pre-installed!
Built In AntiVirus – Built in Virus Protection, Never Worry About a Virus Again!
VPNGate With Proxy – VPN is Setup to protect your identity and actions as you surf
Kodi Media Center – With KodiNoLimits Build Installed – Watch Streaming LiveTV!
Adobe Photoshop – A Must Have Windows Program For Pictures and Graphic Design
Macromedia Flash 8 – A Must Have Windows Program For 2D Animation Creation
OpenVPN – OpenVPN Installed to Utilize FreeVPN’s
Firefox Developer Edition Browser – With The Confound Extension For URL Notes

Wireshark to monitor all local web activity on your network
Tor – The TOR Browser Switch Add-on is installed to connect to TOR with the click of a button for secure browsing & anonimity
No-IP Dynamic DNS Client installed for website domain name location
Synaptic Package Manager – The Application Manager
BleachBit – Clear Temporary Files to save space and keep your OS Fresh
Spotify – Listen to Music with Spotify
XFBurn – A good program to burn CD’s
FCEUX – NES Emulator + The Original Classic Games – NINTENDO!
ClipGrab – Save MP3’s and Download Video’s Directly off of YouTubeard drive partitions with this program
Microsoft Word – A product of Microsoft Office – Microsoft Word is one of the best Word Processor’s Available

DOWNLOAD The Confound OS.iso 32 Bit Install (2.8GB)

System Username: confound
System Password: pass
MySQL Username: root
MySQL Password: jraymond7

DOWNLOAD The Confound OS.iso 32-BIT INSTALL (2.77GB)

Confound Linux 64 Bit Androbox for Android Emulation

Confound Linux 64 Bit Androbox for Android Emulation

DOWNLOAD The Confound OS.iso 64-BIT INSTALL (3.85GB)


The Windows Edition of ConfoundOS was put together because a lot of people either aren’t computer saavy and find a Linux Operating System too complex or they were simply raised on Windows and couldn’t imagine using another system to manage his or her computing needs. Whatever the reason may be – Windows is still a preferred system by many and therefore we’ve put together a version of Windows 7 that’s simple yet has pretty much everything you could ask for in a computer…

Why The ConfoundOS?
I’ve spent many many hours searching through programs to find the best and most necessary set of programs necessary on a fresh install of Windows for maximum performance and functionality you will receive from the System. So download it, install it, and see if it satisfies.

How To Install

Refer to the article on How to put a Live Operating System onto USB – Creating a LiveUSB With Both Windows & Linux

Select target partition icon

Confound OS Windows 7 (X86)
Size: 2.81(GB)

Confound OS Windows 10 (64 Bit)
Size: 4.31(GB)