Acrylic WiFi Professional 3

Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional is a handy software application which has been developed to help the WLAN specialists in their daily routine work and it will let them to monitor the available access points as well as to track the transfer data packs. You can also download NetWorx 2015.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional Free Download

The application has got a very simple and easy to understand user interface. The tabbed based interface has got multiple functions which are organized so that the user can access the functions they are looking for and save the precious time. The application is capable of detecting signals from different neighboring WLAN. It shows the strength of the signals coming out from the detected WLAN. It also shows the number of channels, WPA, WPA2 encryption standards. The Packets section of this application will let the professionals to analyze the Packet Tree as well as the Hexadecimal View of the transmitted data. Then there is a Station tab by which the user can control the existing Wi-Fi stations.


Radmin is a remote application which will let you access multiple computers via internet. You can control the activity of any computer on your network. Radmin 3 will enable you to manipulate the computers according to your will easily and efficiently. Best suited for the places where you need to keep a check on your employee that what are they doing as well as it will also enable you to help people by controlling their PCs.

Radmin 3 Latest Version Download

Radmin 3 will enable you to work on other computer from your own system and for that a remote server is included in it. It also includes a viewer which will let you have the view of the other computer. It will show a remote screen on your computer this window is resizable. You can have the full screen view or can have a screen of any size. The server side if the application runs as services. It will be automatically launched at the start up of the system. It is highly secure and reliable. It will always ask for the login details whenever you try to access a remote system. The viewer side of the application will let you have the control of the remote system.


Monitoring the activities of your networks as well as internet connections are the tasks that are carried out by professionals but now a days there are lots of software applications which let the layman to perform these tasks efficiently. NetWorx is one such application which enables newbies to perform monitoring network connections easily.

NetWorx 2015 Latest Version Download

This application is suitable for monitoring several parameters like speed of your connection, bandwidth usage and network testing. The interface of NetWorx is very simple and user friendly. All the features are organized neatly and are easily accessible. NetWorx is for everyone i.e. novices and experts. All your statistics are shown in graphs with customizable colors. One of the striking features of NetWorx is its ability to detect anything fishy on your network which can originate any virus attack or hacking attempts. There are several visual and sound notification available which can be used to get alerts in case there is any unusual activity has been detected. The application lets you create reports based on the statistics of bandwidth usage  and these reports can be saved easily in several formats like MS Excel, Word, TXT, HTML or CSV etc. Commview is another network monitoring tool that you can download.

Net Balancer 9.4

NetBalancer  9.4.1 is a tool which can be used for monitoring as well as analyzing  the traffic of network adapters. This tool will let you control your internet connection in a better and efficient way as it will define the rules and priorities. You can also download ZD Soft Screen Monitor.

NetBalancer 9.4.1 Free Download

NetBalancer provides an environment which is quite user friendly and has got a simple installation process which will be completed within few minutes without any hiccups. Once you are through to the installation process your all browsers will restart automatically and when you will initialize them a full list of active processes will be displayed on the main screen. With NetBalancer 8.9.93 you can easily check the download/upload rate, upload limit, size of downloaded and uploaded files. You can also figure out the number of connections. NetBalancer 9.4.1 does not affect the performance of your PC as it is very light on the system resources.


Technitium MAC Address Changer

Technitium MAC Address Changer Screen Shot

Technitium MAC Address Changer allows you to change (spoof) Media Access Control (MAC) Address of your Network Interface Card (NIC) instantly. It has a very simple user interface and provides ample information regarding each NIC in the machine. Every NIC has a MAC address hard coded in its circuit by the manufacturer. This hard coded MAC address is used by windows drivers to access Ethernet Network (LAN). This tool can set a new MAC address to your NIC, bypassing the original hard coded MAC address. Technitium MAC Address Changer is a must tool in every security professionals tool box.


  • Works on Windows 10, 8 & 7 for both 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Enhanced network configuration presets with IPv6 support allow you to quickly switch between network configurations.
  • Allows complete configuration of any network adapter.
  • Command line options with entire software functionality available. You can select a preset from specified preset file to apply directly.
  • Update network card vendors list feature allows you to download latest vendor data (OUI) from

IP Mac Scanner & Angry IP Scanner

IP Scan 15 is a tool that is used for scanning the computers on your local network. Either you have a wired connection or wireless connection the tool works well with both types of connections. IP Scan, not only scans the computer ports but also allow you to have access shared files and folder on the network.

IP Scan Tool Free Download

The tool can be used by installing it completely on your system but can also run it directly without any setup. This portable version is handy in a sense that you can use IP Scanner on any device. IP Scan 15 has a very simple and neat interface with a list panel at one of its side showing all the computer connected to the network. From this list you can refine the favorites for regular use. There are couple of other Network software like Commview available as well.

LookOut Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.2.2

In order to boost the level of your productivity you need to constantly monitor the activities of your employees. Regardless of the fact what is your profession you need to have a strong tracking application so that you can keep an eye on your team members. Employees generally don’t take responsibilities and waste their time in some unnecessary activities. They will use your resources for their personal gains and will spend the precious time in browsing internet. You can also download Paessler PRTG Network Monitor.

Network LookOut Net Monitor for Employees Professional Free Download

This awesome tracking application will let you see the screens of all your network computer monitors. It will easily detect any unauthorized activity on any of the screens. Of course you can’t watch the screens of your employees constantly and for that it has got option for recording the screens so that you can  watch them anytime later. With this tracking tool you can easily figure out which websites are being visited by your employees as well as which applications are they using.  There are advanced key logger reports which will enable you to see what your employees are typing in different applications. As a teacher this application is also quite handy as it will let you monitor the activities of your students.


Wireless Network Watcher is beneficial software which permits its users to scan their Network and view the connected devices with it. It is tiny sized and it was developed for Microsoft Windows so that you can see all the connected computers to your Wi-Fi. Along with this information it also provides detailed information about these computers.

Wireless Network Watcher 1.91 Free Download

At first this software seems a bit hard to use but after some time you will find it very easy to use because of the quick access and kind of Interface it contains. Actually that’s the whole purpose for this application to scan those computers and provide the information about them. It has an interactive main window which contains IP address, Device name, MAC address, and Device information, User text, first detected on time and detection count. You can also customize this application to a greater extent. This application also serves you by exporting the list of connected devices in different File Formats like HTML, XML, CSV and TXT etc. this software consumes less CPU usage and does not burdens the RAM. Altogether this software is very useful in its purpose and it should be installed. You may also like to download WinDump.

Who is my Wifi

Who is on My WiFi is a useful application which can be utilized for identifying unknown computers attached to your wireless network as well as to ensure that no one is using the internet connection without your permission. It is very easy to identify any intruder while using a physical network but when it comes to wireless connection it is very complicated to identify any intruder. In such scenarios you need applications like Who is on My WiFi.  This application lets you check all the connected devices and marks those which are authorized. The programs scans whole network after every few minutes in order to check any unauthorized connection. You can also download My WiFi Router 3.

Who is on My WiFi Ultimate Free Download

Whenever a new connection is detected a notification is sent to the user. The notification system can be customized and you can set the application to send the notification through Email so that you can have the insight of the connection even if you are not on your desk. You can block any suspicious computer easily. All you have to do is to check in on the list of detected devices. The application has got a very simple and intuitive interface and anyone can use it with ease


WirelessMon 4  is a network information tool which will let you have a thorough information about  all the wireless network detected in your area. This program can be used for making an informed selection when choosing between a bunch of hotspots. Thus application can also be utilized to check the strength of the signals as well as the channel being used so that you can be assured of using the best solution for a super-fast internet.

WirelessMon 4 Free Download

If you are in an area which is hosting various wireless network adapters it is always advisable to check the used channels so that overlapping networks can be detected. The information provided by WirelessMon 4 will enable you to select the channel with less traffic while setting up a new connection. The encryption type of all the networks are displayed in this application and in this way it will help you in identifying the access points which are either not secured or use low security encryption.

NetLimiter 9 Enterprise Edition

NetLimiter Enterprise Edition is a superb application which can be used for controlling internet traffic by creating rules for every application which is connected with the internet. You can also download WinDump.

NetLimiter Enterprise Edition Free Download

NetLimiter Enterprise Edition has got an installation process which will take a while and you need to restart your system. The installation process is worth waiting for as within minutes you will figure out which if your applications is responsible for draining your internet connection. The main interface of this application will show download/upload speed of all the active processes. It will also inform you about incoming/outgoing connections. You can end any application instantly if its draining out your internet connection. It has got functions like whois, ping and traceroute which may come useful if you have got no idea about the action to take for a specific connection. It has got its own firewall as well as filtering options for setting up specific traffic rules.

BW Meter

DeskSoft BWMeter 7.5.0 is a very intuitive bandwidth meter which can rely on to the monitor and control the network as well as Internet traffic. You can restrict the downloading and uploading speed. This application provides not just only the detailed analysis of both the network and the Internet connection but it has also been equipped with some great features. DeskSoft BWMeter 7.5.0 has got tools for controlling the network access, graphs and also the alerts and conditions.

DeskSoft BWMeter 7.5.0 Free Download

DeskSoft BWMeter 7.5.0 lets you set up the filters for the local network or the Internet. You can configure the speed limits and stop the traffic. You can also enable the download as well as upload the restrictions. DeskSoft BWMeter 7.5.0 has got an imposing amount of the statistics which shows you the valuable information either hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. All in all DeskSoft BWMeter 7.5.0 is a very impressive application which can be used for controlling and monitoring your network and Internet traffic.

PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is a powerful software which will let you monitor the traffic of your network. Its web based interface will allow you to have a view of the most important statistics of your LAN or WAN. The main agenda behind this application is to provide to with real time information so that you can easily identify the core issues and solve them