How To: Hide and Password Protect a Folder in Windows ?? ….

Have you ever wanted to hide a folder completely in windows? Not just make it a “hidden” folder that becomes visible when your Folder Properties are set to “View Hidden Files,” but rather ACTUALLY hidden. Completely not visible. Totally Secure… And password protected!

It is possible with this batch file that you can download below. Extract both the “Private” folder (The folder name is Private) and the password file (The file name is “password”) to any directory of your choosing. Make sure you keep both the password file and the Private folder together and do not change the name of the folder itself (You can change the name of the password file if you want).


Instructions: Double click on the password file to set the password to the Private folder and watch it completely disappear. When you want the folder to reappear simply double click the password file again and input the correct password (the one you set yourself, but don’t forget it because I don’t know how you’d get that folder to show up again)…

It’s pretty secure as far as I know – I haven’t found a better solution to hiding files or folders in Windows without an elaborate program to do so… I included two zip files to download. You can pick and choose what one you want to use. I made two of the same file because I personally wanted an icon with the password file and in order to do that it needed to be a “.exe” The reason I also included the original “.bat” file is because some anti-virus programs throw an alert on the exe for whatever reason because of what it’s capable of … I gaurentee you it IS NOT a virus, however, if you are unsure about it I recommend downloading the batch option (both zip files are exactly the same)

Download The Hide Your Folder App Below 


Check This Out (if you’re a Nerd Like me… This site is pretty cool, it deserves a plug… and by the way, I got the code to make this folder application from the guys below…… 

Batch Scripting for Malicious Purposes: PART 4 (Final) (Protection Using Batch)

Hi all, Pro Hackers/Crackers,
Let’s see how we can use batch for our own Protection instead of exploiting someone with it.
And this tutorial is going to explain the same…….